As we are coming closer and closer to 2020, search engine queries are beginning to see an avalanche of „trendy” keywords. And I’m not talking about „Christmas” or „presents” or „discounts”. Because we are in the marketing world, I’m referring to keywords like „trends” and „changes” and of course „new ideas”. All linked with social media, that goes almost without saying.

So, my dear friends, let’s see what the experts are telling us about where the social media phenomenon will go in 2020. I’ve selected for you 7 trends that I found the most important so you don’t have to go over a hundred boring websites. All you have to do is scroll down and you’ll find them together with a few personal thoughts. Enjoy!

1. Privacy is increasing!

Over the last year, we have seen many security breaches but most importantly we’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of accusations aimed towards big names in the social media environment regarding the misuse of personal data. More specifically, personal data being shared with brands who want to advertise on these platforms. Facebook and Google have already announced a few new regulations regarding personal data usage and that is upsetting advertisers in a way that they will not have access to vital demographics like age, sex, education, etc.

My advice to you: try to transition towards groups and/or, if possible, to proprietary platforms where you can keep your community closer.

2. Video is growing even more!

The latest studies by tech giant Cisco show that by 2020, 75% of the mobile traffic will be video. And all the big players in the Social Media industry are pushing hard on video. And all that because people like it. It’s appealing, easy to share and it generates one of the biggest ROI in the industry compared to other types of content. So, are you investing in videos already or are you just waiting for everybody to get in front of you?

My advice to you: regardless of the platform, people want to see action. So give them what they want!

3. SoMe platforms are the new search engines!

Users are not willing to leave the platforms and they try to search for whatever information they need inside the platform itself. And we have to admit that nowadays with over 3,5 billion active users on these platforms it’s pretty difficult not to find some information that another user previously shared.

My advice to you: create quality content, be informative and relevant so that your content can be delivered as a result when users are looking for what they’re trying to find.

4. Live content is alive!

Curiosity killed the cat, right? We all want to see what’s going on and to stay informed. It’s our daily drug. And what better way to deliver the news to your community than right when it’s happening. You may not have your private news helicopter or a camera crew, but you most likely have a powerful smartphone connected to an even more powerful social media network.

My advice to you: Don’t be shy! Go live every time you feel like you have something amazing going on!

5. Influencers are multiplying!

Influencing has become a way of living and any young teenager dreams about becoming an influencer now. Some of them make it in this jungle and communities are growing around them. Big brands and smaller brands who want to stay in touch with their customers or future customers are investing massively in influencer marketing.

My advice to you: invest in micro-influencers, choose the ones that create content relevant to your brand and speak to the same demographic. Don’t waste your budget on big names if they are not relevant.

6. Ads are delivering better results!

In 2020 ads will take a hit, especially because of the new privacy and security regulations. But that does not necessarily mean that they will not deliver results anymore. I think that they will become even more useful as targeting will be done more precisely and money will not be spent on ads delivered to kids or other groups that are not supposed to get them anyway.

My advice to you: Increase your ad campaign budgets and work with professionals. Setting up an ad campaign is crucial if you want your money to bring back clients!

7. New platforms are growing!

Sure, we all know about TikTok. It’s the new kid in town. But did you know that they reached 500 million active users? And they are just beginning to grow. What’s their secret? Video and music. And what do young people want? Exactly that. It may not be MTV or VH1 but it sure delivers interesting music videos.

My advice to you: Give it a chance! Especially if your business is in the B2C sector and your clients fit the 16-24 years profile. I’d say you won’t regret it. And influencers on this platform are not charging huge amounts for their campaigns. YET!

That’s all for now dear social media enthusiasts. I hope you will appreciate the effort and subscribe to our blog posts. And whenever you feel like talking, we’re online on our SoMe channels too. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook, don’t forget to follow/like!

Shout out to Marten Bjork for the pic in this article.