Content Marketing is something that not even all marketers will understand completely. However, we are being told everyday by digital marketing gurus that it is useful and we absolutely have to use it. There is a lot of discussion about content marketing in social media, on blogs and youtube channels. And, again me, Adrian will come to your rescue.

I decided to watch all those boring videos, read all the long blog articles and make a short version of them so you can understand quickly what content marketing is and how you can integrate it in your digital marketing strategy. So, after hours and hours of research and filtering, here goes!

a. What is Content Marketing?

Every time you write an article for your company’s blog, or create and upload a video on youtube, instagram or facebook you are using content marketing. Of course content marketing does not stop there, you also have to promote this content in order to deliver results. Good content has the tendency to promote itself, but even so, some help is always needed. Below you will find out more!

b. Content Marketing Strategy in 7 easy steps!

Step One defining your goals. More precisely, what would you like to get in return from creating content on your website and SOcial MEdia channels. Would that be sales? Or maybe awareness? Brand recognition sounds appealing too. Well, regardless of the goals, you have to be very specific and also define some metrics in order to measure the impact of what you are building.

When your goals are set, you can move towards Step Two and create an editorial plan integrating the right channels to reach your audience (I assumed you already know who you would like to talk to). Step Three means creating specific content for each platform you will be using. Articles, videos, photos, banners, hashtags, descriptions, they all need to use specific keywords that are appealing to the audience.

Step Four is distributing the content on each platform and making sure that it is done in a way that will prompt the audience in the direction of the actions you are waiting for. Step Five is starting when you create distribution campaigns across relevant channels, integrating here groups, influencers, bloggers and even online media if possible.

That leads us to Step Six. This is the time to convert your content into results that were set in the beginning. It’s call to action (CTA) time! Awareness, lead generation, sales, they all can be reached if we position the CTA at the right time and at the right place. Don’t get overly promotional from the beginning. That will only chase away your audience and potential clients.

The final step is SEVEN! The one that nobody likes. Hell, even I didn’t like it when I was in college. But I learned to love it when I started with content marketing. I’m talking about evaluation content ROI! And, if we did our job right in the beginning, we should have some metrics at this point that we can refer to. Analytics and research helps, but you have to know what to look for, and that’s where those metrics come on stage!

c. The classic mistakes!

  • no plan/strategy
  • not knowing your audience / clients
  • lack of channel integration
  • mediocre quality content
  • not being an expert on this subject
  • not enough testing
  • overly promoting your product/service

And that will be, my dear friends, a information starter pack regarding content marketing. I trust that you’ll understand that this is not just something fashionable and also that working with professionals like The Sharp Cookie team can help your brand a lot. Using content marketing has to have more results than just a hole in your budget!

I hope you will appreciate the effort and subscribe to our blog posts. And whenever you feel like talking, we’re online on our SoMe channels too. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook, don’t forget to follow/like!

Shout out to Florian Klauer for the photo in this article.