Usually when we hear the word „micro” we have the tendency to think small. Well, things might change! Because when you put influencer next to it, we have whole new meaning. What the hell are these micro influencers, you might wonder. Is a new breed? Not necessarily! Micro influencers are smaller influencers, with smaller communities around them.

Less is more!

So if their communities are smaller, what makes them so interesting that we marketer should turn our ears to them? In order to find the answer to that question, we have to look back into our marketing manuals or into our university years. Wait a minute, not many of us learned about influencers in school, right? And they weren’t mentioned in our text books either. The idea is that we don’t have to look for them, but something much simpler than that.

Why are we even interested in influencers in the first place? Because we are interested in their communities. And what are we seeking? A few words come to every marketer’s mind: awareness, recommendation, endorsement. But what makes us think they can even deliver that? It is the trust they earn from their followers. This is the answer we’re looking for: trust!

Relationships are built on trust!

And the closer the relationship, the stronger the trust, right? Everybody knows that, you don’t need to be a marketer for that. Well, the smaller the community, the closer the relationship. There you go! Problem solved. These are micro influencers and you need to keep your eye on.

micro influencers

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Because they have a much stronger relationship with their followers. You don’t trust me? Fair enough! Just look at their instagram accounts, at their facebook pages and youtube channels. You will see much stronger interaction, lots of comments and that is valuable feedback. And aren’t we all interested in that?

Every brand manager or entrepreneur needs to be in touch with clients/consumers. Micro influencers’ accounts can and will deliver honest feedback, sincere reactions and of course, great information about trends before they even become noticeable.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Rather than betting all your online budget on one big influencer, try to divide it towards tens or even hundreds of smaller and more relevant micro influencers. Sure, it’s a much bigger effort to track them, measure their results and price them. But that’s why you have agencies like The Sharp Cookie.

We can do all that for you, and we can for sure create a great selection suited to deliver to the right audience. And, if you need a hand with creating a strategy to work with micro influencers, we can help you out, of course. After all, that’s what we do, we bake special strategies. Care for a taste?

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Shout out to Lucas Davies for the photo!